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Your Best Classmate

Your Best Classmate

Introduction :

While reading in school or college, one comes across many classmates: both good and bad, life-forging and life-corroding. You make friendship with the classmate who is of your taste and temperament, who matches to your moods and mentality. You gradually grow intimacy with your bosom classmate, share his joys and sorrows ad instead expect the same from him. Friendship becomes a reciprocal bond, each for other. It gathers maturity, perfection, attains, purity and glory. A good classmate is a bliss of God. He forges life, retards, monotony, make life colorful. I have such a classmate – Debasish, nicknamed as “Pintu”.

Why I like Pintu?

Pintu not only read in my class in same group, same section and same college, but he was of my age, my taste and temperament. He was from middle-class family and from a remote village like me. Both of us dwell in the same room and in the same hostel. He had come to the hostel two days before me, and when I came to the hostel and was quite suspicious about the behavior of my room-mate, he came forward, helped me in placing my belongings, halved his meal with me, and within few hours his amicability won my allegiance. I discovered a genuine friend in him. Then we studied together, went to class together, sat in the class together, went to park, picnic, cinema together. He never ate alone, and I never thought of coming to village without him. Our friendship was so intense that it became a matter of example and talk in the college and also in the hostel.

Pintu’s Greatness :

Pintu is simple, humble, playful and jovial. He values mutual independence, fellowfeelingness, citizenship, love and kindness. Simplicity is expressed through his dress, etiquette. He never talks exaggerately. He labours hard and inspires me to do so too. He is against malpractice, against injustice. He is free, frank and very straightforward. When Asim, a villain like boy asked him for vote in the college election, he told straight-“First improve your character, then beg vote”.When lecturer neglected classes, he went straight to the principal and complained against him.

Pintu is sincere in his studies and always secures 80%. Yet he is determined to secure more. He is studious, a brilliant student, punctual, honest and truthful. Friends criticise him saying- “He never gets angry, never feels insolent. His jovial smile endears his hard-hearted critic and enemy”.

Pintu is a good writer and his poems are regularly published in college magazine and earns much applause by the friends and teachers. Some of his poems have been published in newspapers. He is a good athelete too. Cricket, tennis are his favourite. He has represented our college district and state level competitions. Besides, he is a eloquent speaker. Nobody can surpass him in argumentative debates.
He surfaces his logical point smoothly and appealingly and needless to say that he always bags the prizes.

Conclusion :

Pintu is the pride of our college, and I am roud of having such a compassionate and genius room-mate. He possesses a sweet, tender heart, loving spirit. Love, not hatred construction, not destruction; optimism not pessimism is his motto. His genuine love, trust and understanding for me has made my life serene, sober, realistic. I thank him very much and pray for his long life.