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Essay on The Bullock Cart in India

Essay on The Bullock Cart in India

In early civilization, man first used animal power to carry goods from one place to another. When he invented wheels, he made a cart and yoked bullocks to draw it. Since then bullock cart has been used for carrying things from place to place.

The bullock cart is mostly found in villages. It is used by farmers for carrying goods. It is made of bamboo and wood. It is about nine feet long and three feet broad. Two long bamboos are joined with wooden planks or rods. There is an axel under the bamboo frame. A wheel is fixed to each end of the axle. A yoke is fitted to the front-end of the bamboo frame. Bullocks are tied to either end of the yoke. When the bullocks draw the cart, the two wheels roll on and on. A passenger cart carries a shed over it, and a goods cart bears a long basket tied on it.

Nowadays we find trains, buses, trucks, cars, etc. carrying goods and passengers. But the bullock cart has its advantages over them. The trains need special railways to move on; and the buses, cars, and trucks need good roads to run along. But the bullock carts need nothing special. They can move on roads and on ordinary tracks as well. They are always cheaper than any other means of transport because they need no petrol or diesel to move on. They are very useful to our farmers.

The bullock cart cannot be compared to buses, trucks, motor cars, etc. It moves slowly. It solely depends on animal power. It can run fast if it is drawn by smart bullocks. In spite of its limitations, the bullock cart has its importance even in these days of science. It is very helpful in the rural area. Even in towns and cities, it carries goods to short distances. So, we cannot discard it saying that it is old and out-dated. It has got its importance even in this age of the computer.