Modern Essay

Structure Of an Essay

Structure Of an Essay

Structure Of an Essay :

   A well-furnished essay obeys certain rules though not prescribed by an expert. But examples have shown that if they are practiced, one can create an absorbing, mark-fetching essay with the shortest endeavour. Thus, an essay can be divided into three parts –

   (1). Introduction

   (2). Development or Body

   (3). Conclusion

(1). Introduction :

   Introduction is the beginning of an essay which gives a brief discussion about the topic. The essayist tries to expound his positive or negative idea through this section so that the reader can be well-acquainted with the essayist’s motive. It is an introductory part reflecting the writer’s outlook to a problem.

(2). Development or Body :

   This section is conspicuous and needs much perseverance to develop phase by phase, logically and systematically. The writer here gets ample chance to expound his thought through suitable examples, idioms, felicity of expression, lucid style. He may take more than one paragraph or page to be convenient, legible. Each paragraph serves one idea that contributes to the main so that the reader gradually moves towards a concrete and comprehensive thought.

(3). Conclusion :

   This is the final stage of the essay, the ending. The writer has nothing new to express here as he has already illustrated his open mind in the previous paragraphs. He, however, expresses his mind in a nut-shell to concentrate the reader’s attention on what he reads. This paragraph reflects over the body. It is the summary of the whole essay. Here one can get the writer’s comment- supporting or rejecting the question he has raised forth before the readers.

On Essay-writing

  • An Essay should be written in a neat and clean manner. Hence, they should be written on clean sheets of paper with good ink and good writing-tools. There should not be any blot or scratch.

  • The handwriting should be clear and legible.

  • Essays should be written in a well-ordered way and every paragraph should be written to the point.