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Essay on Sound Health

Essay on Sound Health

Sound Health

Topic-1: Necessity of Sound Health –

   Sound health is really a boon. It keeps one ready for any work at any time. It gives one a sportsman’s spirit and zeal. It keeps him free from all sorts of illness. But sound health cannot be obtained overnight. One has to acquire it through constant practice.

Topic-2: Secrets of sound health –

   One has to cultivate certain good things of life. The first and foremost thing is the eating habit. One should eat his food in right time. He should take a normal quantity of food-neither too much nor too little. His food should be qualitative, mostly nutritious but should be less spicy. While eating food, he should be a bit slow.

    One should do hard work. Some people think that hard work consumes our energy and makes us ailing. But this is wrong. The more you work, the more energetic you become. The next secret of sound health is cleanliness. One should be clean in his thoughts and actions, habits and clothes, behaviours and dealings. Cleanliness keeps one fresh, active and free from dirty habits and provides him sound health.

   ” Early to bed and early to rise ” should be the motto in one’s life. He should go to bed early and get up early. This will provide proper rest to his body and keep him in good cheers. A good and timely rest after hard work is desirable to maintain sound health. So, one should have proper rest after hard work. But simply rest makes one rust. So, work and rest should go together.

Topic-3: Develops a healthy mind –

   One should always take everything easy. He should not give too much thought to any problem he faces in his life. This will certainly keep his mind free from worries and anxieties. The fewer worries he has, the more sound health he enjoys. When a person enjoys a sound body and cultivates all these good habits. When a person enjoys a sound body and cultivates all these good habits, he will develop a healthy mind soon. A sound mind in a sound body is a source of true happiness.