Modern Essay




Introduction :

   All of us are aware of the hazards of sword created in history. Sword represents brutal force, animality, violence, bloodshed and above all vengeance. Sword represents monarch’s power, autocracy, despotism, might is the right principle, when a strong man holds an unshielded sword, the crowd stands dumbfounded. But pen is mightier than sword. Though appears strange, it is true. With the help of a sword, one can check ten or twenty persons. But the revolutionary writing with a pen can topple a government, create nationwide unrest, protest and struggle.

Limitations of a sword :

   A sword can’t be given higher status as a mighty weapon, because it exerts fear, requires physical strength for its exercise. A weak man, a man without a position is not entitled to use it. Sword is the weapon of the beasts, morally blind fellows, in humanitarian villains, materialistic and humdrum society. It curbs humanity, spreads animality, terror, spoils rational judgement. Sword is shunned by all the spiritual leaders, veteran preaches, intellectual men, for it is life-corroding, believes in destruction and fear.

Pen as a weapon :

   After man learned the use of pen, writing and invented alphabet, language, literature, pen played a dominant role in forging a human life. It made man cultured, educated and sophisticated. It accelerated progress, prosperity, flourished communication, provided entertainment through stories, novels, essays; wrote letters that communicated between two enchanted hearts suffering frustration, isolation.

    Pen became a mighty instrument for the journalists who wrote against social degradation, disintegration in a family, corruption in public life, the licentious behaviour of materialistic people, fraudulent approach of the politicians, misappropriation, and maladjustment in government machinery and was successful in creating public opinion leading to mass agitation, uprooting the government.

   The early writing was meant for pleasure, for intellectual discourse. Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets. Bacon’s essays, Machiavelli’s mind. Wordsworth’s love for nature has been faithfully presented by pen and have arrested the mind of the beloved readers. Since literature is the mirror of society and the writers are parts of society, they are bound to project the ups and downs, convictions and confrontations in it.

   The writing of the French Philosophers, Rousseau, Voltaire, Montesquieu paved the way for the French Revolution on July 14, 1789. No sword could subdue the pen which brought an end to Louis rule. The October Revolution of 1917 was due to writings in favour of socialism against capitalism. Karl Marx preached Communist ideas through the Communist Manifesto and brought an end to Tzar rule in Russia. Mahatma Gandhi’s pen wrote in favour of non-violence, Civil Disobedience and the great mighty British government left India. What sword had failed to achieve, the pen could achieve without bloodshed and violence.

Conclusion :

   The victories of the sword and short-lived. The victory of Alexander, Napoleon, Hitler did not last long; in the country, they have perished with the course of time. But the writings of Shakespeare, Keats, Byron, Kalidas are still immortal and universal. A hero is worshipped all over the world. A Pen can establish peace, harmony, good-will, bring progress and prosperity, can achieve a tremendous end while sword fails to do so. So Pen is mightier than sword.