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Idiomatic Essay- “Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing”

Idiomatic Essay- “Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing”

Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing

Introduction :

   Learning is a lifelong process, a ceaseless process, and one lifespan is inadequate to acquire the vast knowledge. As Newton said, “I have collected a few petty pebbles from the ocean, but the vast stretching seashore is lying before me untouched”. Knowledge is so vast that Lord Ganesh has not completed it even after millions of years. But stupid persons holding B.A., M.A. degree claim that they have completed education. They are knowledgeable.

   Actually, most people are little learned. Their Minds are not trained, not disciplined. They are egoistic, boastful about the small wisdom they have acquired. Failing to guess the vastness of knowledge, they feel elated in their own shackle. They are like ants which climbing a wall claim that they have climbed the Himalayas. They are blind people who fail to see the elephant opined that an elephant is like a rope or a tree.

Little knowledge is dangerous :

   A comprehensive study gives extensive knowledge about a subject. But half-hearted study gives an inaccurate idea about a subject. A voracious reader, a strenuous reader uses all his engine power, becomes out of breath, perspire heavily and grapple with the superior. He goes deep of the subject and finds out the pearl. On the contrary, an average reader feels fatigued after half an hour study. His indisciplined mind fails to go deep and to acquire the true thought that lies underneath. So when a learned fellow interprets a line or a poem in one way, a little learner presents it in a distorted manner, giving misconception, fictitious interpretation inaccurate, unwholesome and misleading.

Examples of little learning :

   We can find quacks in villages who claim that they are expert practitioners. They diagnose disease in the wrong way, as they lack the depth of medicine. If a woman is vomiting, they dub it a symptom of pregnancy without going deeper over the matter. Vomiting may have other reasons, but they prescribe medicine as per their little knowledge and push the patient into a fatal stage.

   Little learning in cooking can spoil the taste of food, can make it either salty or saltless. Little learning in poem-writing can create you a laughing stock. Little knowledge of electricity can cause death. Little learning is never welcoming.

Conclusion :

   Little learning gives an incomplete idea. He who reads from the beginning to the end in a dexterous and wholehearted way can reach a concrete idea. But he who abandoned it at halfway only visualizes a part. We must wait for fifteen days to see the full moon. Otherwise, remarking in the moon on the tenth day that it is bow like will not be a satisfying opinion. A man of little learning creates such scenes in which he himself suffers and allows others to suffer too. So, all must learn thoroughly on any subject they choose to read.