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Forests As Friends

Forests As Friends

Our friends stand by us in the time of need and extend every help without any hesitation. Like our friends, forests help us a great deal even without our asking. So, they are our true friends.

Forests provide us timber and firewood. Timber is necessary for building houses, making furniture, building buses, railway carriages ships, etc. Paper, the most essential thing of modern civilization, is made from wood pulp. Firewood, a contribution of the forests, is necessary for cooking food, especially in a rural area. The forest products fulfill our needs a great deal.

Forests on either side of the river control the severity of the flood. When the river is in spate, the excess water overflows its banks. If there is thick forest cover on either side, it will check the speed of the floodwater and stop doing any damage to our agriculture and human habitation. If there is forest cover on the catchment area, the rainwater cannot do any damage to the sub-soil. The forest cover on the slopes of the mountains checks soil erosion, and thus saves our environment from destruction.

The trees in the forest let out oxygen which is essential to all living beings. They absorb carbon dioxide left by living beings, factories, vehiclés, etc. and thus keep the atmosphere clean. Besides, forests cause rainfall. They help the rainwater sink into the soil and increase underground
water resources. Thus, they save us from drought.

If there were no forests, there would be no rain and our earth would be turned into a desert-land without any living beings on it. So forests are as good as our friends. We should try our best to save them from being destroyed. We should grow more and more forests to make our earth green. We should seriously start social forestry programs and afforestation programs to save our environment from slow destruction.