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Essay on Winter Season (in India)

Essay on Winter Season (in India)

Essay on Winter Season (in India)

Topic-1: When and how winter occurs in India –

   The winter in India begins in November end lasts till the end of February. As our country is in the northern hemisphere, it remains away from the direct rays of the sun during this period. So, there is winter in India.

Topic-2: What nature looks like –

   In the winter the sky remains clear. At times, patches of white clouds sail across it. Nature looks dry, dull and cheerless. The dew drops on the leaves of grass dazzle like pearls in the morning sun rays in winter. The climate in this season is quite pleasant. People enjoy the mild sun rays all the days. Some would like to bask in the sun. The winter days grow short but the nights are long and cold. At times, cold waves blow from the north. The stings of winter are felting in north India because it is far away from the sea. But in other parts of the country, the winter days are mild and enjoyable. On a winter morning, the old village folk is found sitting by the fire or in the mild sun.

Topic-3: How the season is felt all over –

   In Kashmir and Himalayas region, winter is very severe. There is snowfall in these parts. Kashmir and Punjab get Mediterranean rain in the winter. This is helpful for apples, grapes, oranges, and wheat. During the winter, Tamil Nadu gets rainfall from the North-East Monsoon winds.

Topic-4: What things are available in winter –

   Paddy crops ripen in winter. So our farmers remain busy in this season. Wheat, pulses, mustard grow in this season. People get plenty of fish and vegetables. Tasty and delicious fruit grows a lot in winter. The rich have good houses to live in. They have sufficient warm clothes to protect their bodies from biting cold. The poor, on the other hand, suffer much.

Topic-5: How the season is fit for an outing –

   The winter is suitable for outdoor games. Tennis and cricket are well-known games in winter. In the Himalayan region, people enjoy skiing in the snow. This is an ideal season for picnic, outing, excursion and pleasure trips.