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Essay on Teachers Day (in india)

Essay on Teachers Day (in india)

   Essay on Teachers Day (in India)

The Teachers’ day is observed on 5th September every year at every educational institution in India. It is the birthday day of Dr.Radhakrishnan, a gifted teacher and great philosopher. He taught as a professor in various India universities. Swami Vivekananda’s speech on Hinduism impressed him so much that he studied the Vedas, the Gita and other ancient books on Hinduism. He started writing articles on Indian philosophy. His writing introduced Indian philosophy and culture to the Western World. He was also a visiting Professor to various foreign universities. He was a great educationist. His recommendations to bring about significant changes in the system of education were accepted by our Government. He was India’s ambassador to the USSR. He became Vice-President and then the president of India. So, the birthday of this great teacher, great educationist, and great statesman is observed as the Teachers’ Day in our country.

   In the past, the teachers were highly respected in society. But with the advent of the Muslim and the British rule in India, this tradition was completely lost. After our independence, we felt the importance of teachers in society. The teachers are real makers of the nation. It is they who prepare the future citizens of the country. Now the Government of India thought wise to revive the old tradition of showing respect to the teachers. They decided to observe 5 September, the birthday of our great teacher-philosopher-statesman Dr.Radhakrishnan as the Teachers’ Day. It is the way of showing respect not only to this great man Dr. Radhakrishnan but also to the teachers’ community.

   When this day dawns, the students visit the houses of their teachers to pay respect to them and seek their blessing. At schools and colleges, functions are held on this occasion. Some students offer gifts to their teachers as a token of their love and regard for them. This day marks the healthy relationship between students and teachers as it was there in the past.