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Essay on Pocket-Money

Essay on Pocket-Money


   Pocket-money is often meant for small expenses. One uses it as per one’s own pleasure. And there is no bar to it. My mother gives me two rupees for my pocket expenses every day. But on Sundays, she gives me ten rupees at times. I get some money from father. My elder brother also gives me something for my pocket-money.

   I get money from my elders on different occasions. But I am the master of pocket-money. I spend it in my own way. Out of two rupees given by mother, I spend one rupee every day for my petty expenses. I keep rest for my future use. On Sundays, I visit films if they are good. Sometimes, I go on an outing or picnic or some pleasure trip. For all this, I don’t bother my parents. That time, I spend my pocket-money.

   I get my pocket-money from my elders gives me a lot of pleasure. I am a master of it. I decide myself how to spend it. There is none to ask me about it. But this is not the whole story. I don’t like to waste it carelessly. I hardly spend it in idle pleasure. I rather save a large part of it to be used in the time of need. I have opened a passbook on my name at the post office. I deposit the surplus amount of my pocket-money. So that I may need it in the future.

   Some of my friends are of the opinion that I am a miser because I deposit my pocket-money at the post office. But they are wrong. I always make use of my pocket-money in a proper way. I buy things of my choice with the money I save at the post office. I have already bought a nice gel pen and a good English dictionary. I have also bought some good story books to make use of my leisure hour. This is the way how I spend my pocket-money. I derive pleasure out of it.