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Essay on Patriotism

Essay on Patriotism


Introduction :

   It is true that love of one’s country is known as patriotism, but this does not mean that one will show his hatred for other countries without any reason. All of us are much indebted to our motherland where we are born and brought up. It is our moral duty to keep up her prestige as long as we are alive.

Justification :

   Since the French Revolution, the idea of nation and nationalism has occupied the mind of people. Since the beginning of the nation and nationalism patriotism, is hailed as a lofty quality with a person. The Patriots something sacrifice their lives for the good of their respective countries. This spirit of sacrifice has to make patriotism a highly noble quality. Since there is the spirit of sacrifice in patriotism is certainly justified. We have some duty towards the country in which we are born and live. So, the poet S.W. Scott has said –

Breathes there the man with soul so dead

Who never to himself hath said.

This is my own, my native land.

Usefulness :

   Patriotism is no doubt useful in the interest of the country and the nation. The nation is strongly built upon the sacrifice of the Patriots. The Patriots give their money, time, energy and life for the good of the country. A patriot thinks of his country. He wants that his country should be great and prosperous. He wants that his country should be ideal in every filed. So, patriotism is highly useful. Because it makes the people to think of their own country.

Claim against Patriotism :

   Patriotism has lost its drive. It has degenerated into chauvinism and jingoism. It kills rationality and develops a one-sided and blind approach. According to Leo Tolstoy, patriotism is unnatural, irrational and harmful, and a cause of many ills afflicting mankind. It created fascism in Italy, Nazism in Germany and gave birth to the Second World War. It gave birth to terroristic activities which in the name of patriotism, started “Zehad”, killed life, shattered public property. The vicious cycle of Palestinian suicide bombings and Israeli retaliation in the Middle East is attributed to patriotism. The terrorist activity in Jammu and Kashmir is also for the cause of unlawful, irrational patriotism.

Great Patriots :

   We had great patriots like Rana Pratap, Shivaji, Gandhiji, Nehru, Subash Bose, Garibaldi, Washington, Nelson Mandela and so on. These people dedicated themselves to the cause of their country and countrymen. The patriot like Gandhiji saw no difference between man and man. He once said,

For me patriotism is the same as humanity. I am a patriot because I am human or humane.

This shows his great love for mankind.

Dark Side of Patriotism :

    The extreme form of patriotism is not desirable. Because the blind patriots do not care for the humanitarianism. They forget that they are the members of a greater society which is called human society. He forgets the interest of the human beings as a whole. He forgets justice when he thinks of his country’s interest. He believes in the principle “My country, right or wrong”.  He commits many wrong things in the interest of his country. It is really not good. We should think in the term of one world and one human society. We should contemplate a world-Government.

Conclusion :

   Patriotism can never be a virtue until its moral principle is realized and people are trained for it. In today’s world scenario, understanding each other, peaceful rehabilitation, co-operation, citizenship, tolerance are basic requirements. Without these subtle and humble qualities, patriotism will be one-sided and create war. Cultivation patriotism is not enough, realization and channelization of it is much important.