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Essay on Madhusudan Das – Pride of Odisha

Essay on Madhusudan Das – Pride of Odisha

Essay on Madhusudan Das – Pride of Odisha

(Hints: His birth – his parents – his education in Odisha – his becoming a lawyer – his political career – his efforts to make a united Odisha ) 

   Utkala Gouraba Madhusudan Das was born on 14 April 1849 at Satyabhamapur (ସତ୍ୟଭାମାପୁର) in Cuttack district. His father was Choudhury Lokanath Das and mother was Parvati Devi. He had his early education at his village school. He took admission in a high school in Cuttack and passed the Entrance Examination. He had to go to Kolkata for higher study. As he had to money, he worked as a teacher at Balasore Zilla School. He went to Kolkata in 1866. There he became a Christian in order to get some help for his study. He passed his M.A. and B.L. and became a lawyer at Kolkata High Court. People called him Madhu Barrister (ମଧୁ ବାରିଷ୍ଟର). He was a member of the Bengal Legislative Council and Bihar-Odisha Legislative Council for many years. He was also a minister of Bihar-Odisha Government for some time. He proposed that every minister should not take any remuneration, but when it was not accepted, he resigned.

(Hints: A leader of Congress – his Utkal Sammilani )

   In those days, Odisha was in fragments. Some part of Odisha was in Bihar, some in Madhya Pradesh, some in Bengal and so on. He wanted to make all Odia speaking areas one state. He was the fore-runner of Gandhiji. Long before Gandhiji, it was he, who advised the Odishans to spin khadi (ଖଡି) and put it on. He was one of the top leaders of the National Congress. He formed “Utkal Sammilani”(ଉତ୍କଳ ସମ୍ମିଳନି) and confined his activities to the formation of Odisha state. He was joined by Maharaja Krushna Chandra Gajapati and many other Odia leaders.

(Hints: His tannery and filigree works – breathed his last before Odisha became a separate state – his life’s mission ) 

   For the economic development of Odisha’s, he set up Utkal Tannery and Odisha Filigree works. His motive was not to make a profit but to provide employment to the Odias. Odisha became a separate state on 1st April 1936. But prior to it, this great leader had breathed his last on 4th February 1934. Madhu Babu (ମଧୁ ବାବୁ) loved Odisha’s people and dedicated his life to their cause.