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Essay on Durga Puja-Dashahara ( Dussehra )

Essay on Durga Puja-Dashahara ( Dussehra )

Essay on Durga Puja-Dashahara ( Dussehra )

Topic-1: When this puja is held – holidays on this occasion :

   Durga Puja is an autumn festival. People enjoy this festival in the clear and quiet atmosphere of autumn. It is celebrated in all over India. All schools, colleges, and Government offices remain closed on this occasion. Everybody waits eagerly for this holidays. These are the days for outing and merry-making with family and friends.

Topic-2: The background of the festival :

   Durga Puja has got its mythological background. As per our mythology, there was a mighty demon on earth called Mahishasura. He was a terror to gods and human beings. So they all prayed Goddess Durga to come down to the earth and help them. Duga became an incarnation of power and killed the demon. We celebrate the puja in her honor. She is the symbol of Sakti or strength. She has ten hands. One of her hands drives a spear into Mahishasura’s chest and another catches hold of his hair. Her other hands carry some weapons.

Topic-3: A happy occasion for one and all :

   Durga puja generally begins on the eight days of the new moon in Aswin. It continues for three days. In some places, the puja goes on for nine days. This festival is enjoyed by the young and the old. People celebrate this festival with much pomp. They put on new clothes on this occasion. They perform their Puja to their weapons, tools, machine, etc. They make offering to Mother Durga, the Goddess of Shakti.

   The Puja holidays are a great blessing to merchants and businessman. They fill their shops with varieties of articles for sale. People rush into the shops and buy things as per their choice. This festival is celebrated by the rich and the poor. On the tenth day of the new moon, this festival reaches its peak. People offer their Puja to the goddess in their respective homes. This is a happy occasion for one and all. Next day the image of the goddess is taken out in a huge procession for immersion. Now the festivals come to an end.