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Essay on Cyclone

Essay on Cyclone


Introduction :

   The cyclone is one of the natural calamities that hit the equatorial countries. It comes without notice and catches us by surprise. Never it has been possible to check the wrath of a cyclone. It is God’s fury and it comes to carry out his decree.

Cause :

   Cyclone occurs in a hot country and in the hot season. During the hot months, a part of the ocean gets heated and it heats the air over it. The hot air goes up and the cold air from all sides moves into fill up the vaccum. While rising up the hot air turn around and around. While rushing in, the cold air turns around and around. Both the hot winds and the cold winds move around at the same time in the process. Thus, a lot of whirl-winds are created. This is called cyclone. A cyclone is accompanied with all of rain and flashes of lightning. Because in the cyclonic process, the hot air comes in touch with the cold air and so the hot air begins to cool itself. The vapours in the hot air begin to condense and so dark clouds are seen overhead. These clouds fall as rain and lightning flashes with roaring thunders. Still, the winds whirl around and around. Thus, the cyclone works.

Hit of the Cyclone :

    The cyclone does a terrible damage to the coastal people. When it moves across the land, houses are knocked down and trees are blown away. The cities and the settlement are terribly lashed by the hit of cyclone. When it moves over the sea, the water is upcast and huge waves of water rush at the shore and does a great damage to the people. Many people are rendered homeless and the crops are ruined. Many people are killed and many more wounded. A lot of domestic animals die in the cyclone. Thus, the cyclone leaves a terrible mark of destruction in its wake and no amount of relief can make good the loss.

Conclusion :

    Cyclone is no doubt a fateful cataclysm. It cannot be correctly forecast by the barometer or by the weather-clocks. Hence, the people of the coastal area should keep themselves alert during the hot summer months. During this period, they should better migrate to the up-country places and come back when the period is over.