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Essay on Children’s Day (in India)

Essay on Children’s Day (in India)

Essay on Children’s Day (in India)

Topic-1: Why it is important to take care of children? 

   Children are like delicate flowers smiling in this world-garden. They are quite simple and innocent. They are like angels in human form. They are not touched by worldly vices. When they smile, the world smiles. The Children of today are the citizens of the country tomorrow. If we don’t take proper care of them, we can’t make our country healthy, prosperous and progressive. In the words of Nehru, “Neglecting our children, the future citizens of this country is an unforgivable crime.” And what he said is true.

    Each human child has some hidden talents in him. So, it is the responsibility of the parents, the teachers, and the society to develop them fully in the right direction. With this noble idea in mind, we have been observing the Children’s Day.

Topic-2: Why we observe the Children’s Day?

     Our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru loved children very much. He knew that the future of the nation lies in their hands. He wanted all Indian children should be provided a proper atmosphere for their physical and mental development. He was born on 14 November 1889. In order to show respect to the sentiments of this great leader and statements, we have been observing 14 November as the Children’s Day. This day reminds the nation of the role they are to play for the betterment of their children.

Topic-3: How it is observed at schools all over India?

    Children’s Day is generally observed at primary schools of our country. On this day, the primary school students assemble at their respective schools. Then they go round the village or town singing Ramadhoon and shouting slogans such as: “Chacha Nehru, Zindabad! Chacha Nehru, Amar Rahe!” Then they go back to their schools. The teachers explain to them the importance of the Children’s Day. They tell them about Pandit Nehru and his love for children of India. On this occasion, competitions are held among children in various items. Prizes are awarded to the winners. Then sweets are distributed among the children. Thus the Children’s Day is celebrated at primary school.