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Essay on A Railway Station

Essay on A Railway Station

A Railway Station

   A railway station is a place where trains stop. Passengers board the trains or get off them at the station.

   Outside the railway station, there are booking windows. Inside, there are long platforms. Passengers wait on them for their trains. There are many vendors on the platform. They sell food items, fruits, ice-cream, books, tea etc. There are coolies too. They carry heavy luggage from one place to another.

   Between the platforms, there are railway lines. Trains come and stand on them. Towards the ends o the platforms, there are signal lights. They let a train go or make it stop.

   A station is a noisy place. As any train arrives, the platform becomes full of hustle and bustle. There is a big ruse to get a good seat in the compartment. But after the trains leaves, the platform becomes peaceful again.