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Cowards die thousand times

Cowards die thousand times

Introduction :

Death is universal and all powerful, a great levellér. Life is momentary and all must die one day. There is no elixir which can retard death and keep man immortal. Even God, if takes birth in this world is sure to die. Rich and poor, learned and stupid, citybred and country-bred will die oneday. History which sings the glory of pharohs, barons, monarchs, invaders,
intellectuals, veteran literateurs, brave warriors all have died out. Death is certain and unavoidable. But the heroes meet
their heroic end only once. They display their bravery, valour, grandeur, endanger life for the nation and die a heroic death.
They infact, conquer death and history keeps them immortal for ever. Gandhi is dead, but we worship him today and will
be worshipping for ever. On the contrary, the cowards die thousand times before their death. They lack both physical and moral courage and hide themselves under the veil of their wives. Such a life is hellilsh, worth dying before actual death
touches their hair.

Hero-worship in the society :

Heroism is a positive virtue which can come to a person as God’s gift. At times circumstance, chance, and envirnoment
contribute to make one a hero. But such heroes fail to possess their valour permanently. Some people are mighty, possess strong-built body and can challenge a threat because of physical
strength, youthful spirit and chivalry of exceptional kind. Tipu Sultan, Jhansirani Laxmibai, Buxi Jagabandhu, Uddam Singh
are such heroes. They challenged the mighty British force, shunned any compromise and while fighting for country for people gave life. They are national heroes. They were never afraid of death, and never escaped in order to save life.
Mahatma Gandhi was a lean and thin person. But he possessed moral courage, spiritual courage, challenged the British force empty-handed through non-violent weapon and brought freedom. He was a hero too. He was assassinated and met his end, but was never afraid of death. Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincon are great heroes in some way or other. Lord Buddha, Lord Jain were equally heroic though death never
escaped them. But their death was never painful. They remained alive even after death.

Cowards die many times :

Life is full of hurricanes and typhoons, worries and anxieties, cares and burdens, sorrows and sufferings. Life presents horrifying aspects, financial hazards, deaths in family, defamation, embarassment. The cowards fail to face these hurdles boldly and weep when calamities and misfortunes hang over them. When enemy threatens at the door they hide themselves inside and tremble. The cowards endure abusive epithet and never complain as if their skin is fat. You may rape, murder, misbehave their wife, children, take away their property, but they never complain, because they lack both
physical and moral courage. At times cowards look healthy strong, but lack of moral strength withdraw them from
encounter. They are nervous in their heart. Each time a danger knocks at the door, they feel dying. Their lives are worthless.
Many soldiers fear to fight, to go to the front because of their cowardice. They are worst than women, should put on bangles
and cook in the kitchen wearing saree.

Conclusion :

Cowardice is the worst qualification of a man which shows man’s effiminate nature makes him ridiculed amidest family and friends. To live a life of dishonour is worth better than going to front, challenging the danger and dying a heroic death. The heroes are woshipped, but cowards are jeered. A coward never enjoys life, because he always apprehends danger from the surroundirng and loses mental peace. He lacks voice to protest and fails to endure, in consequence he dies at every moment in the four corners of the house. Such people should correct themselves.